Read 1 Corinthians 2

This chapter really put evangelism in perspective for me. The core message here is that people do not and should not become Christians because of a charismatic leader or human logic. Sinners are separated from God, and therefore incapable of understanding the truth about God. The Holy Spirit is the only One who can bridge this gap. This is a reality of which I needed to be reminded as a minister who teaches and evangelizes on a regular basis. I take pride in my ability to explain and reason with people who struggle with belief. And don’t misunderstand; these are good things that we should be doing. However, the realization that came to me when reading this chapter is that I need to be spending just as much, if not more, time praying for nonbelievers as witnessing to them. We cannot forget that God is the only one with power to penetrate and soften a hardened heart. Even when thinking about places like church camp and the rapid spiritual growth that occurs in just a few days, we must realize that the speaker and the band are not responsible for this success, but God! If you have been to camp you can’t help but notice feeling the thick and undeniable presence of God as soon as you walk into the room to worship. This is because there have been countless believers calling out to God to show up and in His love He responds! God is the only great evangelist! I am only his messenger. Because this is the case, I will call out to Him with all of my heart to intercede on behalf of the lost people in my life. This chapter does not relieve our responsibility to evangelize, but it reminds us of the authority by which we do preach the Gospel, and urges us to call out to the Holy Spirit who is the only one who can bridge the gap between broken sinners and the life changing truth of God.

Today’s author: Porter Brewer


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