Read Luke 18

Throughout Scripture we learn the importance of prayer. Prayer is basically conversation with God; listening, as well as speaking. In this chapter, we learn that persistence in prayer is important, not because God does not hear or needs to be begged. Humans have that problem. God’s response to our prayers is based on his purpose and will for our lives. Sometimes it takes us a while to understand that.

We also see in this passage that prayer should lead us to be repentant and humble. It is important to remember who we are talking with. God does not need to be reminded of our shortcomings, but we certainly do. Agreeing with God regarding our delinquent behavior shows our acknowledgement of his holiness and our dependence on his mercy.

Finally, we should visit with God like the children we are. He is the supplier of every need in our lives, just like we depend on our earthly parents. Of course, our earthly parents are a part of his delivery system for our needs, but unlike God we are often not as consistent in responding. My adult daughter recently called me while I was mowing the yard about a need I thought we had already addressed. It was an inconvenient time; I was tired, hot, dirty, and I wanted to be through with the task. Her need at-the-moment did not seem to be as important as mine. I am embarrassed to admit I was less than receptive. Not so with God. He is always ready to visit with us about any need big or small.

This thing of prayer continues to be a mystery to me, but Jesus taught it and modeled it and I know really all I need to know. How true the words to that great hymn we so seldom hear or sing now, “Sweet Hour of Prayer”. Look it up.

Today’s author: Randy Babin


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