Read Romans 3

The Mother observed her three-year-old daughter about to do something she should not do and said sternly, “NO!” The little girl seemed not to notice and continued. The Mother said more sternly, “I said, NO!” The little girl looked up at her Mother and said, “And I say, YES!” Well, there you have it. “Houston, we have a problem.” We want to do what we want to do without someone telling us otherwise. We want to be our own authority and make our own choices without restraint.
One of the things I was taught as a young Royal Ambassador (R.A.) was how to use a compass to find directions. (For those who may not be familiar with this device, look it up!) As you might know, a part of the R.A. program can be what is called “camp craft”. We learned that God has established a means for one finding the right direction that we call “magnetic North”. Also in the night sky he positioned a point of light called the North Star. So, when we lose our way we can use the resources God has given to find the right direction. Since He is the authority, we can trust Him to help us find our way.
In Romans 3, Paul confronts “our problem”. We want to go our way, not God’s way, in spite of His gracious provision for finding the right way not the wrong way. The problem is SIN. That Greek word we translate into our word sin literally means “missing the mark.” However, it does not mean aiming at something and just missing the target, it means totally aiming at the wrong thing. God has something better for us than what will choose on our own; we will aim at the wrong things. We will go in the wrong direction.
God has given us a “compass” for life, the Bible. He has given us the “true Light of the World”, Jesus. Are you using them to find the right direction for your life?

Today’s Author: Randy Babin